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Scuba Diving @ Sipadan

The crown jewel of diving in Malaysia and with good reason. Sipadan is a tiny oceanic island that rises 600m from the seabed. Frequently rated by many dive journals as one of the top dive destinations in the world, Sipadan is located at the centre of one of the richest marine habitats in the world. […]

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Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata

The tallest mountain in Malaysia towering at 4095m, Mount Kinabalu is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being home to botanical and biological species that are rare to find anywhere else in the world. Cloaked in swirling mists and rich flora and fauna, the spectacular scenery that await climbers at the summit makes it the main […]

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RYA Day Skipper Practical

In my juvenile aspiration to be an Ocean Yachtmaster and sail around the world someday, I decided to take up a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) course to be a certified skipper. Barely introduced to sailing when I joined a Competent Crew course just months ago, this was going to be quite a big step. 5 days […]

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Shanghai World Expo 2010

I should be bragging that I did the impossible: I enjoyed the Shanghai World Expo 2010. After all, it’s said that if you don’t go to the Shanghai Expo, you will regret it. And if you do go to the Shanghai Expo, you will regret it even more. I managed to visit over 60 different countries’ pavilions in […]

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Hangzhou & Shanghai 2010

With the Shanghai World Expo 2010 nearing its end, air tickets to Shanghai were astronomically inflated. A cheaper and much recommended alternative is to fly to Hangzhou, a short train ride away. And its beautiful scenery and peaceful serenity makes it a good getaway after squeezing through the bustling city of Shanghai.  

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Mersing Astronomy Expedition

Regarded as the best spot for stargazing just outside of Singapore, Mersing is a town on a eastern coast of Malaysia with a spectacular view of the night skies. We set out to camp at an open area the size of eight football fields for an unobstructed view of the heavens above, while braving a […]