Shanghai World Expo 2010 RYA Day Skipper Practical Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Scuba Diving @ Sipadan

Welcome to Where's Derek — a project documenting Derek Low's travels around the world.

Inspired by the popular series of children's book "Where's Waldo", this project will feature Derek in various places across the world — in similar fashion to Waldo.
But after weeks of debating with common sense whether he should buy a red-white costume to photograph himself in his travels, Derek decided to dress normally to avoid being recruited into a Mexican circus or thrown into a Iranian prison. Obviously, common sense lost here.
Since his first trip at age three, Derek's travels have taken him through majestic mountains and dirty underwear. At five years old, he nearly died after slipping on ice on a cliff at Grand Canyon. By his teens, he was bored of Disneylands and decided to braved the toilets of rural China. Very proudly, he claims to have freeloaded internet bandwidth from dozens of people including the French, Chinese, Danish, Czech, and the VIP lounge at the airport.
Derek grew up in Singapore, where he used to work as a web designer, educator, and chemical & bomb disposal specialist. He currently studies at UC Berkeley in California. He knows how stupid writing a third-person bio of himself can be.